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Felke therapy, Felke cure

Erdmann Leopold Stephanus Emanuel Felke (born February 7, 1856 in Kläden at Stendal, † August 16, 1926 in Munich) was an evangelical pastor who stood out as an advocate of natural medicine. He lived and worked from 1896 to 1914 in Repelen near Moers and from 1915 to 1925 in Bad Sobernheim, developed the named after him Felkekur and applied the iris diagnostics (iridology). Felke is also considered the father of complex homeopathy.

Since the applications also included rubbings with clay and clay mud baths, Felke was often referred to as clay pastor. Felkes cures consisted of health food and outdoor exercise. His patients were given low-meat diets, rubbings with healing earth, cold baths in outdoor zinc tubs, and sleeping in light-air huts on clay or straw sacks.