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physical therapy

Physiotherapy (ancient Greek φύσις, phýsis "nature" / "body" and θεραπεία, therapeía "serving, care, healing", thus roughly "restoring natural function"), formerly also physiotherapy, is a form of specific training and external application of remedies, with which, above all, the mobility and functioning of the human body should be restored, improved or maintained. The treatments are performed by physiotherapists and in some areas by masseurs and medical lifeguards.

Physiotherapist is not an independent medical profession in Germany, but belongs to the health professions (formerly Heilhilfsberufe). The medical need for treatment is determined and prescribed by prescription only by doctors or alternative practitioners, except for preventive measures. Sports therapists, scientists and teachers do not meet the admission requirements as a physiotherapist and are allowed physiotherapeutic remedies such. B. Physiotherapy neither provide nor settle.