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Pneumatic pulsation therapy

The pneumatic pulsation therapy according to Deny (PPT) combines the classic methods of cupping, lymphatic drainage and massage or reflexology. The PPT is based on the principle of a suction massage, it comes to the suction of the skin, the subcutaneous fatty tissue and the muscles. The device generates rhythmic impulses under a suction bell that vibrate vertically to the skin surface. It alternately generates negative pressure and atmospheric pressure. The frequency is usually about 3 Hz (200 vibrations per minute).

Areas of application of Pneumatic Pulsation Therapy:

        Metabolic activation
        Acceleration of blood circulation
        Improved supply of the tissue with vital substances
        Improvement of lymphatic drainage and venous drainage
        Stimulation of detoxification processes
        Release of tension of the musculature
        Relaxation of the tissue structure
        Normalization of neurovegetative reflex pathways
        mental relaxation
        pain relief

Text submitted by: Andreas Wies