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Treatments with heat and cold

Thermotherapy is one of the physical therapy measures in which the body is specifically supplied with heat or withdrawn in order to achieve a positive effect on the body.

Accordingly, thermotherapy includes both heat and cold therapy. The regulation of thermotherapy is regulated in the Remedies Directive. Thermotherapy includes the prescriptive measures described below according to the Remedies Directive:

Cold therapy by means of cold packs, cold gas, cold air,
Heat therapy using hot air as radiant and conducted heat for muscle toning and pain relief,
Heat therapy by hot roller, for local hyperemia with spasmolytic, sedative, analgesic and reflex effect on internal organs,
Heat therapy by means of ultrasound, to improve blood circulation and metabolism and to heat deeper tissue layers,
Heat therapy by means of warm packs with peloids (eg fango), paraffin or paraffin-peloid mixtures for application of intense heat,
Therapy by means of full and partial baths with peloids / paraffin.
In general, the thermotherapy in combination with other therapeutic measures such. B. manual therapy, massage or physiotherapy prescribed.

Source: Wikipedia