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TimeWaver Pro

The TimeWaver PRO (medical device) is a diagnostic tool that can help identify and treat disorders in the information field of the body.

Using the morphogenetic field (Prof. Dr. R. Sheldrake) in the computer-controlled system, the subtle energy field of humans is measured and compared with a huge database. The result is a measured value that does not represent a diagnosis but provides information on the subtle energy field of the individual organs.

TimeWaver can find the "weak spots" at all levels in the body that can not yet be determined with scientific methods. Thus, a holistic diagnosis can be made and optimal therapy by the TimeWaver Frequency and / or with homeopathic and natural remedies apply.

Because most diseases have emotional and stress related causes, TimeWaver helps analyze this information field and restore balance through frequency therapy. This creates a basis on which the patient can find health, well-being, clarity and support for positive changes in life.

The goal of the TimeWaver system is to inform the body of information and its energy field to identify the root causes of disorders in order to harmonize and treat them. Man is seen and treated in his entirety.

The area of ​​application is extensive: disorders and musculoskeletal pain, depression and anxiety, wounds and injuries, but also many other ailments. In principle, all diseases should be treated and positively influenced by the system.

The diagnostic and therapeutic method may allow humans, houses, objects, animals, plants, and the like. analyze, balance and treat.

TimeWaver Pro should also enable remote treatment via the morphogenetic fields.