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Zen is the Japanese way of Buddhism, which through meditation seeks to achieve the experience of the unity of all being and thus active life force and greatest self-restraint.

"I would like to offer something to help you, but in Zen we have nothing at all."

Over time, Zen masters have developed a variety of techniques that help students develop and prevent maldevelopment. The training of attention and unintentional introspection are paramount; In addition, (distracting) discursive thinking is brought to an end point.

In the true sense, Zen can not be taught. Only the prerequisites for spontaneous, intuitive insights can be improved. The common methods of Zen practice include zazen (sitting meditation), kinhin (walking meditation), recitation (text reading), samu (concentrated activity) and working with kōan mentioned questions. These methods are intensively practiced during several days of practice sessions or exams (Sesshin or Retreat). The student must at least integrate the sitting meditation into his everyday life, because Zen is by its nature always only practice.

Source: Wikipedia